What does the vehicle inspection check?

Your vehicle inspection consists of 19 points it must pass.

  1. Foot brakes
  2. E-brake
  3. Steering mechanism
  4. AC/heat
  5. Front and rear window, and other glass
  6. Windshield wipers
  7. Headlights
  8. Tail lights
  9. Turn indicator lights
  10. Brake lights
  11. Front seat adjustment mechanism
  12. Doors (open, close, lock)
  13. Horn
  14. Speedometer
  15. Body Damage
  16. Muffler and exhaust system
  17. Condition of tires, including tread depth
  18. Interior and exterior rear view mirrors
  19. Safety belts for driver and passengers

These will either be checked in your Lyft mentor session or with a mechanic.

This is also on top of your vehicle being approved for the region/city you are driving in.


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