Change your Email Address, Phone Number, Physical Address

Once you have logged in to your account online, click on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner. Select Profile. Change or add whatever information you need.


You can also do this in the Uber Driver app. 

Open the Uber Driver app. On the bottom menu options, select Account. You will see a circle picture with your name under it and a blue Edit button. Click the Edit button. You will see your personal information pop up. If you are wanting to change any of this information, including your Driver Photo, on the top right, you will see a very small GREY pencil. Click the pencil. You will be asked to enter your password for security measures. Now you will be able to change any of the information, including changing your Driver Photo via taking a new photo from your phone, or uploading one from your library. (Make sure you allow the app to access your camera if it has not already). Click SAVE on the top right.

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